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The New Families
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24th Aug 2015

The continued organized criminal syndicate known as The Commission is comprised of three families. The Pazzo Family, The Vercetti Cartel and the Deluca family. These families have come together to rebuild The Commission and dedicate resources to this cause.

You may join a family and work your way up through their ranks. The Don may approach you and ask you to join as well. This is an honor to do. We will be rebuilding the families within the Commission and refocusing on the criminal mafia enterprises that made us a great family.

If you have any questions feel free to ask one of the Dons and we will be happy to answer them. We will rededicate the forums to be a more slimmed down version and reorg some of the ranks to be more meaningful. Mademen should mean something, but not everyone can be one. We are removing HQ's from all ranks, but Underbosses on up. Mademen will get rackets to run and maybe a business but we need to return to the roots of the families and we need people doing jobs. Mademen, in the past, once their potential was reached quit doing jobs. Our intention was never to stop doing jobs, but be the leaders in them. For now, Mademen will be assigned to an Underboss and given favor to work the Underbosses jobs.

We will continue to make changes as we progress in this new era of The Commission.
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Forum » The Commission Forums » News & Announcements
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