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"The Books" - Open
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Joined: 26th Jun 2014
Rank: Associate
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9th Jul 2014

So you have done your first couple jobs and have now decided you want to continue your life of crime under the Moretti Crime Family. We are glad to gain new associates, after all, without them we wouldn't be where we are today.

Now a big part of being new to the family is being familiar with your surroundings, so here we will keep a list of all known Moretti family members from Associate up to Don so that you can easily find people to work with:


G. Moretti

SocialClub: Ghiacchio

Gamertag: Ghiacchio


Alphonso White

SocialClub: Hector Rodriguez

Gamertag: Etgeo8


Joe Castellano



Made Men:




Wise Guys:





Mmmm I Like Ya


Gamertag: Mmmm I Like Ya

The Shade



David McConer

SocialClub: David-McConer



Sonny Moretti

SocialClub: SonnyLombardi
Gamertag: TheCaperBoy

Joey "Red" Enigma

SocialClub: TheRedEnigma

Gamertag: lTheRedEnigmal


SocialClub: CrazeePsyko

Gamertag: CrazeePsyko

Alexander Lorenzo

SocialClub: Duffman0127

Gamertag: Duffman0127

Malcolm 'Mac' McCormick

SocialClub: EazzyMacc 
Gamertag: EazzyMacc 

Tayla "Fox" Redmont

SocialClub: Commandant_Fox

Gamertag: Cammandant_Fox

If you are looking to become a part of the Moretti Crime Family, and "The Books" are currently "Open" leave a comment on this thread so we can get you involved with the family as soon as possible. If you are looking for someone else to work with, pictures a friend took during a job for your journal, etc... this list is to help you easily find each other on SocialClub or on the streets of LS. If I don't have your socialclub name written down please let me know what it is so I can make the change.
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"Chi parla in faccia non è traditore."

Last Edit: 11th Jul 2014 by G. Moretti
Joined: 26th Jun 2014
Rank: Associate
Likes 132
10th Jul 2014

Alright, so you've made it on the list and you are in as an associate for the Moretti Crime Family!

Onto our next order of business: how to find work.

Head on over to either the Sawmill, "The Generic", the Los Santos Golf Club, or perhaps the Yacht Club down by the water and take a look around. There are always things to do.

When you have completed your first bit of work as an associate you will start to be paid for your jobs. So this brings something new to our attention:

A family badge.

You may notice a few of us wearing the Moretti Family picture as our signature or even the simple phrase: "Chi parla in faccia non è traditore." These are both considered a family badge. We ask that you wear at least one of these in your signature. That way, every time you post a job you will be paid easily and correctly, by the correct family. Also helps us distinguish each other from a crowd. But most importantly it shows PRIDE. If you don't have enough pride in being involved with us to show it publicly then you don't belong with us.

So take your pick, or even use both like myself. It's your choice.

-Don Moretti
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"Chi parla in faccia non è traditore."

Forum » The Commission Forums » Welcome to the Family
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