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Sky Patrol - Tier 3
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Joined: 27th Jun 2014
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1st Aug 2014

Sky Patrol

Requirements: Helicopter Pilot License (For the Pilot), MicroSMG/SMG Certification (for gunner) and a maverick.

Clothes: Upgraded Standard Patrol Uniform

Operatives: 2+

Job: We have been requested to do an aerial patrol of an area of the city. Fly over the area for one shift, observe and report suspicious activity. Choose up to three districts (i.e. Chumash, Rockford, and Vinewood) and fly over them close enough to make out cars and people. Look out for men in suits driving black sedans or SUV's. If found, eliminate them and getaway quickly.
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Streetname: Nyk
Name: Nykyrian Salvatore
Family: Salvatore
Syndicate Rank: Councilor
Family Rank: Don

"We control the entire world from the shadows. That is where our power lies, with nobody knowing just how much we control."

Last Edit: 1st Aug 2014 by Nykyrias
Forum » Merryweather HQ » Help Wanted - Security and Transport
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