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Legitimate Transport- Tier 1
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28th Jun 2014

Legitimate Transport

Requirements: Transport Certification, Big rig with cargo container or Mule, Pistol certification.

Operatives: 1+ (Only one needs Transport Certification)

Cargo: Could be clothes, liquor, or a variety of other legally owned and documented goods. The risks are low, as is the reward.

The Job: The Truck is loaded with goods that need transported. Dress appropriately for the job and pick it up from the docks or another specified location and take it to it’s destination. It’s usually a quiet gig but occasionally the goods are expensive and someone decides to try and take it from you. Keep them from getting the load at all costs and deliver the products safely.

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Streetname: Nyk
Name: Nykyrian Salvatore
Family: Salvatore
Syndicate Rank: Councilor
Family Rank: Don

"We control the entire world from the shadows. That is where our power lies, with nobody knowing just how much we control."

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Forum » Merryweather HQ » Help Wanted - Security and Transport
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