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Legitimate Sea Transport -Tier 2
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Joined: 27th Jun 2014
Rank: Underboss
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28th Jun 2014

Legitimate Sea Transport

Requirements: Captains License, Pistol Certification, boat (NOT a jet-ski)

Clothes: Black Tucked-in shirt, black cargo pants or black camo pants, and black work boots

Operatives: 4+

Job: There’s some cargo that needs to be delivered to Paleto Bay to stock the stores owned by the commission.  If you need reminding to evade or eliminate hi-jackers, you probably shouldn’t be doing the job. Deliver the cargo safely and RETURN THE BOAT! If you do not return my boats, I will schedule you for double-shifts of foot patrol for an entire week.

Signature Picture

Streetname: Nyk
Name: Nykyrian Salvatore
Family: Salvatore
Syndicate Rank: Councilor
Family Rank: Don

"We control the entire world from the shadows. That is where our power lies, with nobody knowing just how much we control."

Last Edit: 21st Jul 2014 by Nykyrias
Forum » Merryweather HQ » Help Wanted - Security and Transport
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