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Forum » Merryweather HQ » Help Wanted - Shipping&Receiving/Deckhands
Joined: 26th Jun 2014
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4th Jul 2014

No special clothes required
Bring a bat and pistol just in case
Crew: 1+ (2 is easier for taking photos, not required)

When the sun goes down and the moon works it's way up there into the night sky seems to be when the more... interesting crowd always comes out. And us being the classy business entrepreneurs that we are, have learned to cater to the needs of even the most degenerate of people out there. Just across the street and down the road from the Yacht club there are always some "Lady's of the Night" working the corner. They work for me. Their instructions are simple, keep the night dwellers of the city happy, and everyone's happy. It's quite the win-win if you think about it, we give these lady's a little direction in life, as well as the protection of the Moretti name, they make some money, and Los Santos stays happy. Anyways, I need someone to collect from them every now and then and make sure we aren't being stiff armed of our cut. All you gotta do is find a couple of the nice lady's, have a talk with them, and send them home after. (OOC - You will need to find a prostitute/hooker, "Gain a reaction": Simply walk directly face to face with them, pressing your character against theirs until they respond, and gauge their reaction. If they simply walk away, they have payed what they owed and you can let them go, they try to run and you will need to chase.) If they try to give you any trouble chase them down and remind them why they need the ever-so powerful Moretti name behind them. But don't kill them! A dead girl only causes more problems and keeps the money from flowing! Just knock em around a little. Now if while you are pimping you happen to notice some rival gang members near-by it's safe to assume they are trying to steal our girls, it's up to you on how to deal with it, but I don't want them on my turf. Plus, I gave you that pistol for a reason didn't I? Take a few pictures of your work with the ladies and bring what you collected back here to me.

Protection Racket - Vespucci & Del Perro Pier
A bat and Pistol (Just in case)
Crew: 1+

So kid, you like the beach much? I mean, living here it's hard not to right? Look, I need someone to head down to the Del Perro Pier. There are some shops, little vendors, and whatnot, that the family has their hands in. I need someone to go down there and collect what they owe us in protection money. When you get there look for the vendor/owner. They should be standing by their little shops and hot dog carts. If they aren't right behind it look for the closest person standing nearby that's smoking a cigarette, drinking some coffee, or maybe on their phone. This is most likely the owner slacking off... go have a little chat with them and "Gain a Reaction" as I mentioned before up above. They walk away then they've paid up, they try to fight or take off running and you'll probably need to remind them why they need protection in the first place. Again, just beat them down, don't kill them. Collect whatever they have on them and let them know you'll be back later on.

Eliminating Competition - Bean Machine
Just a bat
Crew: 1+

This comes straight over from our old ties with the Mercanti's. I had never heard of Carlo's bakery before I met Don Aldo Mercanti but that man Carlo makes the BEST home style Italian food I've ever eaten, just like Mama used to make! Now these corporate chains over her in Los Santo's are trying to push poor Carlo out of the scene. So this is simple, you see someone walking down the street holding a Bean Machine cup change their minds. All you need to do is talk with them hopefully, but if they give you some trouble I'd recommend pulling out a bat. Should they still try to argue then go ahead and give them a quick smack with the bat. We don't want them dead, or even unconscious really, just to change their minds about where they go get their coffee and fresh baked pastry's.

Armed Robbery - ATM Attack
Baseball Bat
Crew: 1+
Best done at night

While walking around some of our turf at night keep an eye out for someone alone going to/currently at/walking away from an ATM. Wait for them to finish their transaction and then tail them to as secluded of an area as possible. Now try to intimidate them into giving you their money they just withdrew, if you need to you can get a little physical that's fine but leave them alive. You can keep doing this job in the same location a few times to make up the journal but make sure to clear out before you get any attention from the cops. Bring your earnings by the HQ later on.

Errand boy
Crew: 1+

While playing with a member of Wise Guy or above you can offer to drive them around or perform errands they may need done for them. Typically you would offer an amount of your time, this could be in-game time or real time. If the ranking member agrees he may send you to pick up/drop off payments, dry cleaning, get him lunch or coffee, drive him to appointments, etc... While the objectives will mostly remain simple and small like that you may be asked to pick up small amounts of drugs or money, deliver messages, or perhaps perform a hit or collection of some sort. As for how you dress or what you wear: that's up to the ranking member to decide.

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"Chi parla in faccia non è traditore."

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Joined: 26th Jun 2014
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11th Jul 2014

Collections - Membership Fee's
Crew: 1+

So I've been talking with my accountant here at the yacht club and it seems we are gonna be raising our membership fee's now. Fortunately for you they've also decided it would save us a lot of money not to send out flyers letting our current members know about this. So keeping it on the down-low, we need someone to go around the club and start collecting from all the rich folk standing around. Seems funny to me that so many people pay for memberships and none of them actually come and take out their yachts, but that's good old Los Santo's for you. It's all about the title and possessions, not about using them. Anyways, just simply walk to the person one by one and tell them that the Don is looking for their membership fee, nobody should have any problem paying up.
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"Chi parla in faccia non è traditore."

Forum » Merryweather HQ » Help Wanted - Shipping&Receiving/Deckhands
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