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Joined: 26th Jun 2014
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5th Jul 2014

Rival Elimination - Pegorino's
Pistol (Silenced preferred but not required)
Can not be done in vehicle with Commission Emblem on it
Crew: 2+

Alright, so you happen to be driving around some known family turf, or at least a place we've recently done/begun planning some of our business. And you happen to see a couple Pegorino's standing around looking suspicious (a small group of men in suits in an area they don't look like they belong.) maybe just chatting, having some smokes, or sitting outside of one of our many businesses in the city. Those Pegorino's are in small numbers here in LS right now but there is no doubt they aim to cause us trouble. It's been 8 years, and Kobra and I covered our tracks fairly well, but we were new to things ourselves and the worry that the Pegorino's may have discovered that I've come to LS and become a leader of a family of my own has grown over time. So if you happen to see these fella's around the city in the scenario I described it's important that you take them down. Make sure to wear a mask and that you aren't driving something that gives you away and simply approach the men. A couple pistol shots ought to keep them from causing us any trouble. Besides, only so many goons Pegorino can keep sending over here before he calls it quits right? Anyways, make sure they are dead and then get the fuck out of there before the cops show up. Ditch the to make sure it can't be traced back to you, it's your choice between gasoline or dumping it in the water somewhere but just make sure there are no witnesses.

Traffic Stop
(Can only be initiated by member of at least soldier rank)

As a soldier you should be starting to get a little more familiar with the streets and their inhabitants, as well as who it is that's been giving us trouble. Also as a Soldier you are starting to have at least a little more seniority over the Associates and Outsiders you may work alongside. While driving around with at least one person of a lower rank than yourself you may notice someone in a car next to you at a light that either owes us money or his life. You will ask the driver to tail the suspicious car and try to get a good look at his face. Once you have determined who he is simply say out-loud, "Guys I think that's "Insert Name Here"! He "owes us money/has a hit out on him right now!" We need to deal with him!" Now your job is to plan the attack, you can follow till he hopefully eventually parks somewhere and get's out or just wait for him to stop at a light, or even park your car in front of him. Next you will designate a person (must be a lower rank than yourself) in the car to deal with your mark. The driver will never leave the seat. When you give the go ahead the member you have designated (must be a lower rank than yourself) will go and remove the man from his car. If he owes us money simply beat him up, take the cash, and hurry back to your car with your friends to escape. If he has a hit on him the member must remove him from his car and shoot him. Make sure he is dead. **Important** if you perform the hit option his car must be taken and destroyed so there is no evidence. Load his body into the trunk as well (via Backpack) for disposal (see body disposal job for further details). Once all evidence is disposed of the job is complete. This can only be initiated by the highest ranking member in the vehicle although lower ranks can suggest it by something along the lines of, "Hey boss, doesn't that look like [insert name here] in that car over there?" It's the ranking members choice whether to go along with it or not.

Body Disposal
Dark Clothing or Mask if you are going where you may be seen by witnesses.
Best done at night (Not required)
Crowbar may be needed
Crew: 1+

Alright, so you've gotten yourself into a sticky situation or maybe been called upon by a member of a higher rank to deal with a body. First off, you may be asking how to carry/move a body? Like all things we need to carry or move you show this by equipping a parachute to show as a backpack. This goes for bags of money, clothing, drugs, etc... 

Next What are your options? Well there's plenty!
  1. Bring them by the yacht club, load them into one of our yachts, bring them FAR out to sea, and dump the body.
  2. Go to a cemetery and put them into a plot that's already dug, through a layer of dirt on top, and the new body comes in a day or two for a funeral to be buried on top of yours.
  3. Bring it to a construction site and bury it in concrete (could ask Big Boss Mr. Soprano for help with this plan)
  4. Find a container and some acid and burn the body "Breaking Bad" style. 
  5. Simply bury it way out in the mountains/desert but make sure it's away from any roads or trails.
This is only counted as a separate job if you are ASKED to do this by a member of a higher rank. Not if it is simply done to cover your own ass. It's expected you would do it then to avoid prison. If a body is hidden very poorly you may find yourself in jail depending on the circumstance so choose wisely.
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"Chi parla in faccia non è traditore."

Joined: 26th Jun 2014
Rank: Associate
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11th Jul 2014

Vehicle Theft - Triad Connections
Black clothing and mask
Crew: 1+

So I've been getting word that that ass-wipe Simeon keeps calling my boys or sending them texts with a list of cars he wants acquired. While that's just not gonna float with me. The way I see it, any opportunity to make money in this town, should be run by the Commission. So I've taken up a business contract with an old contact of mine from back in the day, a man named Huang Lee. Mr. Lee is the leader of the Chinese Triad gang over in Liberty City and is currently in need of some vehicles himself. The difference between the two? Well besides Lee being a better business partner to me than Simeon could hope to be, he also just pays better. But here's the deal, we aren't gonna give Mr. Lee just any cars, we are gonna give him Simeon's cars! Anything you come across that Simeon wants, send it down to the Daisy Lee at the docks. Leave it by the crane and the operator will load it for you when he is around. Pretty simple really. This way we make money, Lee is happy, and Simeon get's driven out of this city one car at a time!

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"Chi parla in faccia non è traditore."

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