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5th Jul 2014

Eliminating Competition - Happy Shark Loan Sharking
Tommy Gun's (other Assault Rifles will do if Tommy gun cannot be acquired)
Masks and Black Clothing
Stolen Vehicle
Crew: 4+

There are a bunch of these "Happy Shark" money loaning businesses around the city, small little storefronts with the picture of a shark on the front. The guy that runs these is using them as a front for a loan sharking operation. Now as you may know my boys are already doing a loan sharking operation as well as a debt collection operation. We can't be letting this business muscle us out of our own turf so the job is simple: Scare them off. Go as a group to one of these establishments and shoot the shit out of the storefront and/or light a fire with some gasoline. When some good damage is done take off in your stolen vehicle to a pre-determined safe house. Make sure to torch the car and leave no evidence. If all is done well our own family should start getting more work soon.

Smuggling - Liquor
Bat and Pistol (just in case)
Mask and something nondescript
Crew: 5+

The family is in need of some liquor and we are hoping you'll be able to supply. Simply keep an eye out for a Pisswasser Mule driving around the city and take it by force. Should be as simple as pulling the driver out and driving off. Don't kill the guy and only knock him out if he tries to fight you or cause other trouble. Now take the mule to a few of our local bars and such to distribute. You can also take it up to the stables at the Casino for Kobra. Make sure to communicate with Kobra or one of his boys beforehand to make sure they are able/willing to take the shipment. If not there are plenty of bars in LS and Blaine County. Now should you come across some harder liquor, which travels in blank white Mules from time to time, you can supply Kobra at the Casino yet again. This time around the back of the Casino, not the Stables. Or take the mule over to the Vanilla Unicorn, Bahama Mama's, or Hornbills. These are your options just make sure you get the product where it's going without breaking any of the merchandise. When doing this job the Mule must be found on it's own, it can not belong to someone involved that simply called Pegasus to have one delivered. When you call to have one delivered it is considered empty and awaiting something to be loaded, not already full of beer or alcohol. Should have two guys ride in the mule, driver and navigator, the other 3+ follow behind in a vehicle.

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Forum » Merryweather HQ » Help Wanted - Shipping&Receiving/Deckhands
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