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Jobs - Tier 5
Forum » Merryweather HQ » Help Wanted - Shipping&Receiving/Deckhands
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15th Jul 2014

So you've made it this far huh? Well, these jobs are the cream of the crop. There aren't a lot of them but they ALL pay out great, and are usually pretty exciting. So let's get you started shall we?

Drugs - Delivery Route

You'll need a mule for transporting the drugs safely. Someone with a transportation license will be required to move the product.

Any outfit is fine, so long as it is within reason, remember you are on the job, not at the pool or drunk at a bachelor party...

This job will be anywhere from a 4-8 person job, depending how many people you think you will need.

1 Driver
1 Navigator
2 Loaders/Unloaders
1-4 Bodyguards

Rules: This job is a bit different than others and will require some specific guidelines to be met.

1. Everyone except for the Navigator must have their radar turned off. This is to create a sense of both realism, as well as keep you on your toes. You can still use the pause screen map if need be, but it is the Navigator's job to get you from point A - B. Should the driver know where to go and have the route memorized then the Navigator can take the role of another bodyguard or bagman.

2. This job must either be done in a public session or in a session where at least 2 Kobra Corporation members are present.

3. You have 1 life while on this job. If you die, whether shot by Kobra's men, random players, or hit by a passing car you can not rejoin in the job. You can stay in the session but must leave the others to finish it on their own. So leave and go take care of your own work that needs to be done, or wait for your friends to finish and come pick you up from the hospital at the end of their mission. This rule applies to Kobra's men as well. If you have 8 of you in the session you can attack, say you lose 4 the remaining 4 can attack but the ones that have already been killed are done.

4. The bodyguards can only use their own weaponry, if you still have only a pistol (which we all do right now) and want more fire power you need to talk to a Made Man or above about acquiring some before you set out on this job. Again, this applies to Kobra's men too. If you want more firepower there will need to be a reasonable explanation for how you got your hands on the guns. Explosives can only be obtained by Myself, Kobra, or someone with an Explosives Expert Award. So we shouldn't be seeing use of RPG's or sticky bombs.

The above rules are to keep things exciting during this job and fresh with each time it is done. One day it may be a somewhat boring drive in the country, another day it may turn into a massive shoot-out, and another it may end up with Kobra's men stealing our truck and us taking vengeful action back to them at a later time. And for Kobra's guys: while it may be easy to shoot the shit out of our truck and blow it up, think about what is better for business; an explosion and flaming wreck, or a truck load of drugs stashed at your own Bosses HQ?

As far as the actual route goes, I have it safe in a hidden imgur journal. When someone of the right rank wants to put this together they should mail me to ask for the journal. This will keep it so that Kobra's men just have to listen for the chatter of the locations, or follow our boys to see where they go. Thus keeping the suspense high yet again! When this job needs to be done I may take it to someone and ask them to organize it.
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Forum » Merryweather HQ » Help Wanted - Shipping&Receiving/Deckhands
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