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Becoming an Associate [FIRST READ]
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Joined: 27th Jun 2014
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16th Jan 2015


So you've had some time to look around and get a feel for whether or not you want to be here. You may notice you can't see much, well we don't allow many people to see the inner working of the mafia life style. Becoming an Associate is your first step in becoming part of the Commission.

To become an Associate you need to first fill out your profile. Go to the top and click on My Center > My Profile.

Complete your profile by filling out the information. You cannot become an Associate without a Gamertag and a Social Club name.

Being an Associate gives you access to jobs, forums, PM, and other items that will enable you to work within the Commission. Without it you'll just be able to see a few items.

We look forward to having you join and start your life within the Commission.
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Last Edit: 17th Jan 2015 by Mountie Carl
Joined: 24th Jun 2015
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19th Oct 2015

I've filled out my Profile, I can't upload my profile pice though, I look forward to all of this thank you for the oppuratuinty
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What We Do Echos In Eternity.

Joined: 20th Dec 2015
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22nd Dec 2015

I've updated my profile... thnx
Joined: 18th Dec 2015
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22nd Dec 2015

I've updated my profile.
Forum » The Commission Forums » The Commission FAQ
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