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The Commission FAQ
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28th Jun 2014

So you wanna know about the Commission - The Commission is a group of families come together for the common purpose of running Los Santos. When problems arise the Commission get together and solves them. The main family in the Commission is the Moretti family named for its founder Ghiacchio Moretti - the current ranking member. It is rumored that he was killed, but rumors of his death may have been greatly exaggerated.

The Kobra Korp is the business hand of the Commission providing financial backing and laundering money. The Kobra Korp is the front for owning the businesses of the Moretti family to ensure that nothing criminal is traced back to the Kobra Korp or the Moretti family. President Kahn oversees the operations of the Kobra Korp and operates numerous businesses within the corporation from the Merryweather Security to the casino and movie studio.

Jobs - Beginner to Advanced
The Commission is not about doing jobs it's about doing family business. This doesn't mean having something to do every time you join up with your crew. The family is about being with your crew and living the mafia lifestyle. Hitting the bar, shaking down businesses, and paying tribute. When the mood strikes, you can get to work and do some some of the rackets which is another part of family life.

To do the beginner jobs please see the jobs FAQ that explains how to do them. In the future these will be demonstrated in video form.

From time to time advanced jobs will appear in the job space. These are larger jobs that need to be done by a group for a larger score. They will only appear on occasion and must follow the certain way things are being done. There is always work to do in each area, but these special jobs will need planning.

We use Imgur to document our activities. It is a free and fun if you enjoy doing work. You can find some good examples here that go back some time.

http://darthgoogle.imgur. ... com/

While we use journals to portray our day to day life, we also use videos. Here are some examples of videos portraying the mafia way of life. Don't feel that your videos need to be as elaborate at these are. ... 6W1n6lXOeKQlXpCeY5Md

The goal of the Commission is not to burden people down with work so it feels like a job. The goal is to provide a fun and exciting organization that people can belong to, be a part of, and live the mafia lifestyle. Hanging out and being mafioso should be your number one priority.
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Forum » The Commission Forums » The Commission FAQ
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