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The Commission Guidelines
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29th Jun 2014

"Sit down" you hear a faceless voice say. Smoke comes up from behind a large chair facing out the window. "Every Family has rules and regulations, The Commission is no different. How you act in any family determines how far you'll go. You play grabass all the time and you don't follow the rules, you'll most likely find yourself alone on the street. You see, people have a very low tolerance for douche-baggery around here. So take a look at the papers on the table. Read it over, learn it, obey it and if you have any questions feel free to ask questions. When you finish reading it, put your signature on the reply line so I know it's done and you understand things."

Rules For the Family

1. Family Business: You can work on family business rackets and jobs appropriate for your rank. If you want to work on a higher rank racket, you need to get a higher rank family member to do the racket. If you post a journal for a racket that is above your current rank, you won't get paid for that racket. 

The equipment you use on a job determines your pay out. The more weapons and the higher value they have, the more you gotta pay to acquire those tools. Each Mademan keeps a record of the equipment they have. If they don't have that equipment, you can buy it. Every member is issued a standard pistol and some attachments. You use these on the job and you'll be fine.

2. Rackets: Each Mademan has some basic rackets. These are jobs that are never done and will always be available to anyone to do. Associates can do these jobs as well. Bigger jobs take more muscle.

Larger one time jobs require that you have at least one Mademan to plan the job out and execute it. These jobs most likely will be larger jobs that require cooperation and precise execution. The jobs require panning and most likely a few steps to get the equipment needed to perform the operation. They also will have a larger payout than most jobs.

3. Getting Paid: Making sure you get paid is up to you. When you write your journal, how much money you make, the equipment you use, and the information you secure is all worth something, but that's on the street. Out here - we use a different currency. The currency you get when you write your journal is what matters to you. If you do a job, write the journal and get paid. Doing the job isn't enough, there needs to be evidence of it.

The Don, Underboss, and Capo will do their job of making sure you get your due and you get your cash put in the books. When we open the books, we'll have a ledger with your name and how much you have. If you feel there is money missing from your account, ask a Capo, Underboss or Don to check. Write clearly why you feel money is missing and someone will check on it.

Outsiders will get a place in the ledger when they become Associates. Your first few jobs are working Pro-Bono. That means free... you earn trust, you get your rank and can start making money.

4. Behavior: Your behavior reflects how far you'll go in the family. When you earn points towards ranks, those points can be taken away due to complaints or bad behavior. Constant complaints about behavior will bring us to a trial where the leadership ranks will discuss your association with the Commission. Here are a list of behaviors, but not limited to, that will cause you to be removed from the Commission:

Crew Killing Anytime without permission

Killing yourself in any form while on jobs

Disrespecting higher ranked members

Stealing money aka pretending to do a job that you didn't do

Constantly breaking the rules

***VERY IMPORTANT*** - Many of us started our history/criminal bloodlines as part of other crews or families. Now that we are our own, independent, criminal organization you are expected to not cause trouble for those we have left. We LEFT so we stay gone. This means that if another member of a previous organization (be it the Mercanti Family, Paleto 5, La Cosa Nostra, or CrimeCorp.) tries to make contact with you then you have 2 options of how to deal with it:

1.Be respectful. Simply wish them well in their business and go your separate ways.

2.Ignore their trouble. Stay away and don't be influenced.

We have experienced troubles with some people that have gone their separate ways before and WILL NOT stoop to their level.

If it is discovered or learned that you have been visiting their sites, disrespecting/harassing their members, or just generally causing drama or trouble you will be removed from the Commission and not asked back. Your communication with them can most likely only hurt you, it's advised to keep your distance and stay MATURE.

5. Crews: You may find that you are in the Moretti Family, The Mafia Empire, Sicily Family or another family in the future. Your crew determines your style and attitude, but doesn't limit your job prospects. You can still do jobs with anyone on either side. You can do any jobs if you feel you are up to the task. Doing a job for the other crew though provides a bit less money for your pocket as you need to pay the cross crew tax, but the jobs aren't limited to your crew.

Addendum to the FAQ

1. Crew Killing: We don't crew kill for the sake of crew killing. In order to kill another family member, the order must be given from the top. There must be an act that is worthy of a grievance such as disrespecting another mafia member, being a shitty person, grab ass while everyone is roleplaying, being a douche for no other reason than to be a douche... I mean come on... you understand this. Don't be a dick it's that simple. If someone is being a dick, kill them and kick them from the server/ job.

2.  Turf Wars  Turf Wars  will happen. When it happens both families will be notified as to the turf in question. This cannot be associated with HQ's but will mean that if a turf is in question we will figure out a way to discuss how to resolve it. Families are families and it's not unreasonable for them to fight over turf.

3. Forum Etiquette: No fighting on the forums. Don't attack another person.

4. Whacked - if you are whacked it is by your own family. We take care of internal matters. If another family whacks someone outside the family it can lead to war. Internal whacks will result in removal from the site for the member whacked. In this case the Don or Commander of the family sends one of the admins a message and we ban the person. You cannot whack and get another person outside the family whacked. Also many people aren't on the same console so it's hard to do.

5. We keep things simple. Each HQ within a turf contains 5 rackets that are related to that turf. You may create more complex jobs but that is up to each Don. If you are killed on a job, you go to jail. We expect that each person be on the honor system. If you are in jail you must create a post about why and how you got arrested.

6. We use Imgur or Youtube to create job journals. This is not a requirement, but if you completed a job it should be documented. IF you whack someone, proof is required and a story needs to be written.

7. Fly your colors - You aren't required to join the Commission family crew, but you can. We expect that if you are in the session and you are not in the Commission you are flying your crew tags. If you are not, you are disrespecting your family and anyone in the session has the ability to kill you. If you die, you go to jail. The person doing the killing should post a note about the kill and why.

8. Police - Once again, if you are killed, you go to jail. There will be a police force coming in and RPing crimes. Once they have enough evidence they can file a warrant and come after you. You MUST allow them in game if they filed the warrant. You will not know who they filed it on but we'll work it out.

9. Your family is your family. There may come a time when a family disperses and /or the person want sto change families. Well that is probably gonna be tough. Once you're in a family, you're in. The only way out is to get whacked and start a new character. It can be a son or a daughter of your OC but it cannot be the same. A new forum account needs to be created.

10. We take shit seriously around here. If you make life shitty for people we won't hesitate to remove those people. You are responsible for your clan mates and making sure they are trolling or being dicks. The Dons job is to make sure everyone has fun. I don't like banning people and I don't like whacking people. I did it once, the person cried... it was sad...

Rules will be added as I continue to have time - this is a short list, but wil be completed later.

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