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The Jobs FAQ
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15th Dec 2014

So you wanna understand how to do some of the jobs we do? This is the place to learn them. Either that or a guy on the inside track who can show you the ropes. Most Mademen will be able to show you these techniques for getting work done.

Most jobs give you a simple racket. It is up to you to choose the racket you wish to do and how you go about doing it. If you undertake a pimping racket, you choose the targets and who you are collecting from. The story is yours to create.

Pimping/ Money Collection
When you are collecting money from a girl in the turf belonging to the Mademan who runs the ring, you can collect money in two ways. The first is by walking up to the girl and running into her. If he walks away without saying anything she has given the money and moved on. If she gives lip, it is your choice to deal with it. Don't take no disrespect. If the target runs away or fights you, this is considered a choice to not pay and needs to be dealt with. make an example out of her. Under no circumstance are you to kill a target.

Pro Recruitment
If you Mademan is running short on girls you can recruit girls from a turf not controlled by a Mademan. To do this, pull up in the a car and honk your horn. When she gets in take her back to the area controlled by the Mademan you are recruiting for. If she gets out at any time, she has decided not to join you and you should send a message.

Once you get back to the turf your Mademan controls, you can either park and let her out - if she runs then you have failed and need to resolve the issue. If she walks away then you are in the clear and she will then work for that Mademan. If you choose to try out the hooker, it is your job to get tested for STD's. No one should be sticking their junk in strange hoes.

Drug Procurement
Moving drugs is one of the businesses we do best. However, we want to avoid any heat so if you procure drugs through one of these methods, you gotta make sure you pass it to a distributor. In order to procure weed, drive up to the farm in a van. If anyone is around, make sure you take care of them. When you have removed anyone from the area, pack the van up. This is done by putting on your parachute aka backpack in game and moving the product into the van. Now drive it to the Mademans location.

Drug Distribution
We have drug dealers all around the city, we don't sell drugs like common crooks, we pass it off to the thugs and let them take the risk. To pass this off, find an area with one of our dealers in it. This can be Grovestreet or any of the gang areas where drugs are prevalent. When you arrive honk your horn to get the attention of the dealer. If they pull out a guns, drive away quickly as these are not our guys. If you die you have lost the drugs. If they start walking over to the van on the drivers side they are picking up the drugs. To successfully give them drugs to the dealer, they need to walk up to the driver side of the van and you need to drive away. If they pull you out of the van they have robbed you and you need to deal with it. If you kill them, you have taken back the drugs, but if they waste you, you have been robbed by these dealers and will need to report it to the Mademan in your journal.

Drive-Byes - Retaliation
If you get robbed, beaten, or wasted by any rival faction, you have the right to retaliation. This is done by either whacking a member or performing a drive bye. To perform a Drive Bye you need to simply procure a vehicle that would not lead or implicate the family. In fact, try and find a rival gangs car to pin this on them. If not, make one that looks like the rival gangs. Get dressed in colors appropriate and wear masks. Drive up to the street where the targets are and turn off the head lights. Drive by slow and once the targets are spotted let the lead fly. If you can take pictures of the bodies to confirm kills. You can do this by going back. If you leave the area to avoid cops then it should be noted that you may not have killed the target, but just wounded them. This will send a message none the less.

Package Delivery - (Public Session)
Package delivery is a job that anyone can do. It's where most Associates will make a name for themselves. There is always a pick-up and drop-off spot. We never ask what's in the package... To do this job drive to the Mademan's HQ. When you arrive park in an alley or outfront and walk to the front. If there is anyone around, they will usually have the package. Walk into them and put on your backpack. Go back to your car and get in. Once you are in the car, drive to a location that you have been given (made up). The further away the delivery is the more respect you'll get for the drop off. Players in the session will try and get your package. Deliver the package before they get you. Once at the location, take the package to the door, drop it off.
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Forum » The Commission Forums » The Commission FAQ
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