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Special Assignment from the Don - Top Priority
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Joined: 27th Jun 2014
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4th Jan 2016

Target Name: Don Vercetti
Console: XBox One

Price: Money and Rank

Gentlemen - no one here chooses to leave and get away free without any repercussion. If you leave, you leave one way and that's in the body bag. Remember it's not personal, it's always business.

The gamer tag is in the title and whacking a Don is no easy task. You need to find him and get to him. Most of the time it's not going to be easy. We take care of our own.

Proof: You need to record the job in a video or take a screen shot of the whack job meaning your GT killed OcarinaofSlime. This is an all points bulletin and you will be rewarded with some very lucrative statures.
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10th Jan 2016

By now, everyone knew that the heads of the LSC wasnt happy with Vercetti...
Bzzzt....bzzzzt...bzzzt....." 'ello?" "Mac its me, Q." Mac rubbed his eyes and looked at his clock, 4:00 AM. "Q, this better be fuckin important." Mac could hear that Q was excited, "Mac, listen. You know how you wanted me to look for that verkaty, vercheta or whatever." Mac chuckled. "Well I know where hes guna be today." Mac jerked awake, "What? Where?" Now it was Qs turn to laugh, "Huh, so now you want to talk to me? Anyway, I'm sending my guy with a car. Its his car, no tickets, completely clean. He'll tell you what to do with it after. He has a stolen rifle in the trunk that's registered to a known gang banger. The gun will be traced to him and he'll have to explain that."

P.S. I don't know how to get video from xbox1 to here, my GT EazzyMacc so the actual video of the hit is there

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Forum » The DeLuca Family » Ghost Security
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