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Joined: 27th Jun 2014
Rank: Underboss
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5th Nov 2015

Job: Surveillance

Operators: 1+

Equipment: Inconspicuous Vehicle, Camera


Person of Interest- Follow the target (gangmember, rival crew, ect.) at a discreet distance and take pictures of everywhere they stop and everyone they talk to.

Place of Interest- There's been some activity in a certain area (gang territory, abandoned building, storage areas, ect.). Take pictures of all access points and any interesting activities (gangmembers or rival crew loitering, entering, or exiting).
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Streetname: Nyk
Name: Nykyrian Salvatore
Family: Salvatore
Syndicate Rank: Counciler
Family Rank: Don

"I'm done with being nice. It's time to kill everyone."

Forum » The DeLuca Family » Ghost Security
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