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Helicopter License
You have proven yourself in with the helicopter. You are now able to fly and use helicopters during missions. The helicopter you choose is based on the job you are doing. You will also be able to use helicopters in competitive races the group make take part in.
Event Security
You have done exceptional work. For this you get promoted to our security position for Friday Night Events. You will have access to the latest in our corporate arsenal. This award gives you the right to shoot any one during an event that may disrupt the event. You follow event protocol:

1. Warn the perp with a verbal warning. "Yo knock the shit off or you'll be taken care of."
2. Shoot them without warning.
3. Initiate removal vote from server.

If the perp is going to attempt to use explosives you may shoot to kill and then initiate a vote when they are dead.

If you discharge your firearm you have the opportunity to write up a journal detailing the incident. You will be paid the amount of a tier 3 job equaling $50,000 per journal. The max you can earn in one night is $100,000.
You just set that fucking guy on fire and pissed on the flames to put the ashes out. You didn't even know it, but you earned this award. This is an award that you can only earn through secret means. Once you get it though you get this shiny symbol of your love for all things flammable.

Your heart burns with a love for fire and thus you've earned the right to carry around lots and lots of gasoline. We need gasoline on a job, you're the man to do it. Now anyone can do it, but your special knack for this work gives you the first right of refusal to burn shit up. So get your jerry can and light up the world with your love for burning shit!
This hasn't been awarded to anyone yet.
Whack Job
You got your cherry popped on a job. You've done the one thing that's hard for people to do. You've whacked somebody in the family. Not just somebody, someone who joined us and now... they are no longer here. The real key is you didn't hesitate when asked to do it, you did it and you did it without question. You've proven your loyalty and this award is proof of that. You've earned this and you didn't even know it.

This award grants you the right to carry the heavy pistol onto jobs. There is no other way to get this honor. The Desert Eagle isn't your moms gun and has unparalleled stopping power. You earned your chops!
Explosives Expert
So, word on the street is that you're a real professional with all things that go "BOOM!!" Good on ya! It's something of pretty great importance, but the really impressive fact is that you are also the kind of guy (or Gal) that knows where to find these things too. Now I think I speak for most people that aren't... mentally unhinged, when I say I prefer to stray from things that could remove my fingers with ease but not you sir (and/or Madam)! You crave them, desire them, even hunt them down! And because of this people with a such adversity to the destructive forces you desire look to seek you out! So brace yourself for the new opportunity's! And brace yourself for the new job offers! And last but not least, brace yourself for the excitement! Because if we all know one thing it's that you're way too cool to brace for the explosion!
Sniper License
You like to keep your distance, but kill with the same lethality. You've shot regular guns, but you enjoy looking at people through a scope. You have demonstrated proficiency with the Sniper Rifle class and can now use it in your jobs. Whether it is for hunting game or people, this is yours to use.
License to Kill
You are the deadliest in the family. Your kills would build walls across the world. You have proven your skill with a rifle all the way down to the knife in hand to hand combat. You are the one to beat on the field and your KDR shows it.

This will be one of the hardest licenses to achieve. This license grants you a slot on our Hitsquad. This means you will get special missions to collect bodies that double cross the Commission as well as rival gang assassinations. If you have this, you have a license to kill... people in death matches and stuff.
Get-A-Way Drivers License
You've proven you can drive fast and you know how to handle your car. You can now one of the go-to members for driving get-a-way in any mission or heist. Drive fast, drive quick, and never get caught. You will also be invited to special races with the Family as their representative if the need arises.
The Boss
You have made it to the top. You have worked hard and earned respect. No one touches you now without getting whacked. You say the word it happens. You run the rackets, you run your business, you know who to trust. Things are looking up for you! Easy street here you come!
Transport License
You are a Titan of Industry! You have successfully completed your transport license and can now transport goods from one place to another without issue. You no longer load trucks with good, you sit in the air conditioning while your truck is loaded for you. You have the right to drive a Utility truck during any job. Load your trailer up and haul that ass across the city!
Pilots License
You've logged many hours behind the stick as well as had many stewardesses log ours there as well. If your a girl, well that's a joke. The point is, you did it. You got your license and now you are among the ranks of the top aviators in the Commission. You can fly just about any aircraft and when it comes to jobs, you're the go to member for flying. You also get special permissions for flying in family aerial races when needed. Spread your wings and fly!
Captains License
Salt water and open seas are your calling. You prefer to be out on the ocean sailing your vessel. Bikini clad girls line the deck of your sailboat with the drugs stored neatly down below. There are no bilge rats on board your ship, but hoes and BBQ. Set sail for the horizon oh Captain of the ocean! You can now captain sea vessels and be the lead on any ocean based job. You will also be the first choice for any sea fairing races that might come up.
You are now an Underboss - The Don's second in command over the families of Los Santos. You may some day become a Don with your own Underboss, Capo and soldiers. Remember the little guys when you get to the top.
You made Capo - The inner circle of the Don. Everything you do now is watched and learned from. You are a leader and manager of your own rackets and you got new guys under you eager to learn. You'll get a business to operate to bring in money for the Commission and your own rackets to build up out of them. The only place for you to go now is up!
You've been recognized as a leader, an earner, and a trusted person. Your blood can be traced back to the far reaches of your ancestry and it is pure. Men cannot earn the made status, it must be bestowed upon one. Being Made is being in the upper echelon of the Commission ranks. Some day you may find yourself  as a Capo, an Underboss, or even the Don himself.

The Don trusts your judgement which is why he will give you a racket to run. Something to start out with - something nice that will turn you a few dollars. Keep up the good work!
Oh so you think I'm a wiseguy eh? Yeah - you are a Wiseguy and Wiseguys get treated with respect. You're becoming one of the families top earners and it shows. You may even have enough cash to buy a business with your own racket. You've put in the time and you got the riches to show for it. Keep this up and the Don's gonna Make you for sure.
Welcome Soldier - Soldiers in the LSC are well known for their loyalty and ability to get the job done. They take initiative and are some of the families most loyal workers. They can be relied upon to get the job done and done right the first time. You are considered to be one of those people.
You are now a known associate in the Los Santos Commission. You do good work, you stay loyal, you may make it in this family after all. Put in the time and you might even see yourself owning your own slice of the American dream. Careful though, being a known associate puts a target on your back.
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