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Whack Job

You got your cherry popped on a job. You've done the one thing that's hard for people to do. You've whacked somebody in the family. Not just somebody, someone who joined us and now... they are no longer here. The real key is you didn't hesitate when asked to do it, you did it and you did it without question. You've proven your loyalty and this award is proof of that. You've earned this and you didn't even know it.

This award grants you the right to carry the heavy pistol onto jobs. There is no other way to get this honor. The Desert Eagle isn't your moms gun and has unparalleled stopping power. You earned your chops!

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Welcome Soldier - Soldiers in the LSC are well known for their loyalty and ability to get the job done. They take initiative and are some of the families most loyal workers. They can be relied upon to get the job done and done right the first time. You are considered to be one of those people.

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You are now a known associate in the Los Santos Commission. You do good work, you stay loyal, you may make it in this family after all. Put in the time and you might even see yourself owning your own slice of the American dream. Careful though, being a known associate puts a target on your back.

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