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Pilots License

You've logged many hours behind the stick as well as had many stewardesses log ours there as well. If your a girl, well that's a joke. The point is, you did it. You got your license and now you are among the ranks of the top aviators in the Commission. You can fly just about any aircraft and when it comes to jobs, you're the go to member for flying. You also get special permissions for flying in family aerial races when needed. Spread your wings and fly!

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You've been recognized as a leader, an earner, and a trusted person. Your blood can be traced back to the far reaches of your ancestry and it is pure. Men cannot earn the made status, it must be bestowed upon one. Being Made is being in the upper echelon of the Commission ranks. Some day you may find yourself  as a Capo, an Underboss, or even the Don himself.

The Don trusts your judgement which is why he will give you a racket to run. Something to start out with - something nice that will turn you a few dollars. Keep up the good work!

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Oh so you think I'm a wiseguy eh? Yeah - you are a Wiseguy and Wiseguys get treated with respect. You're becoming one of the families top earners and it shows. You may even have enough cash to buy a business with your own racket. You've put in the time and you got the riches to show for it. Keep this up and the Don's gonna Make you for sure.

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Welcome Soldier - Soldiers in the LSC are well known for their loyalty and ability to get the job done. They take initiative and are some of the families most loyal workers. They can be relied upon to get the job done and done right the first time. You are considered to be one of those people.

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You are now a known associate in the Los Santos Commission. You do good work, you stay loyal, you may make it in this family after all. Put in the time and you might even see yourself owning your own slice of the American dream. Careful though, being a known associate puts a target on your back.

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